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Maintainability & Maintenance Management, 4th edition PDF Imprimir E-mail

Autor: Joseph Patton Jr.

Libro7This book emphasizes the concepts of preventive, predictive, and reliability-based total maintenance, as well as total quality management and continuous improvement. It provides an in-depth look at new technological advances and the cost advantages of investing in maintainability. Topics covered in this book include maintainability program planning and management; system engineering of reliability, availability, and maintainability; configuration management; and maintainability process.

Maintainability & Maintenance Management serves as a flexible text and reference for engineering, product planners, designers, maintainability specialists, maintenance managers, service analysts, program managers, system engineers, quality staff, and others concerned with the practice of maintainability and maintenance. Instructors will want to use this book at workshops in commerce, government, and industry, as well as in college and university courses.


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